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3 Quick Tips To Protect a Storm-Damaged Roof

When powerful storms bear down in the Houston area, high winds, heavy rain and hail can cause considerable damage to your roof.

A roof can be the most vulnerable to sudden storm damage especially if it isover 10 years old. This damage has the potential to cause leaks which will lead to other problems. When this happens, it may be difficult to find a contractor right away; however, there are a few actions you can take instantly to lower the risk of further damage.

1. Seal a Broken Skylight

If the recent storms caused damage to your roofs skylight and you find it is leaking, you can shore up a cracked seal or broken glass with waterproof tape and a section of tarp. Be sure to seal the edges of the skylight with the tape. Also try to secure any shattered areas with a water-resistant section of tarp inside and out. This action will be important for any insurance claims you may chose to make, as homeowners are usually responsible for preventing further water leaks, once the roof has been damaged.

2. Cover Broken Shingles

If your roof sustains wind damage and you lose sections of shingles, this may also affect the layers below. The flashing and building materials that lie underneath can become compromised resulting in a leaky roof and a wet attic. It is important that you give the area a quick fix. Cover the damaged areas with tough, water-resistant sections of tarp and secure them tightly. We have the ability to respond quickly following a storm event to assist you with not only storm damage and water mitigation, but more importantly repairing your roof.

3. Sudden Leaks

If the storms do cause roof damage that results in sudden, rapid leaks, it is important to know what to do. The visible signs will be water stains or sagging ceilings. Using heavy tarps and replacing damaged areas with temporary shingles or treating them with a waterproof sealant may help to stop the leak temporarily until our team can arrive. We will assess the storm damage find the source of the leak and devise a plan to repair the damaged area.

When storms hammer your area, whether it be, Houston, Cypress, Spring, Katy, Atascocita or even Huntsville, we are here to help. Storms can cause considerable roof damage to your home. Knowing what you can do until we arrive can help you prevent the need for costly and long-term repairs.

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April 20, 2020
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