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Decorate Your Roof The Right Way for The 2019 Holidays

Every year homeowners and renters alike all over the country will put up decorations and lighting displays to make their home festive for the holiday season. If you intend to attach or put any decorations on top of your roof there are precautionary safety tips to consider so you keep your roof out of harm's way and end up needing an Austin Roofing Contractor to repair it. Some folks will just put up one or two decorations, while others will dive all the way in and go Clark Griswold on their displays with both yard and roof decoration arrangements.

You should always recognize that whenever attaching something to your roof that is unrelated to the parts of the manufacturer's roofing materials that there is always a potential for roof damage. Nonetheless, there are some steps you can take to minimize the possibility of damage.

How to Decorate Your Austin Roofing System Safely This Year!!

First and foremost, do not rush. Take your time to ensure that you are arranging it precisely and read the directions completely when available. If the decorative lights and holiday accessories provide clips for attaching them to the shingles make sure you use them instead of fastening them with your own method. Never Drill or Place Nails into Your Roofing Materials! The clips may not seem like a reliable way to make them stay in place, but using staples, nails, or drilling holes in your roof create unnecessary locations where moisture can enter your home.

If You Have Not Had a Roof Inspection with an Austin Roofer This Year Then Now is The Time to Do It!!


Even though Holiday decorations are not our scope of practice, as a premier Austin Roof Repair Company, we can still offer you advice when it comes to your roof and how to keep it safe and sturdy. A pre-holiday roof inspection is by far and wide one of the best decisions you can make for the safety of your home, family, and simply for peace of mind.

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November 13, 2019
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