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Is Your Roof Prepared For Halloween, Or Just Straight Scary?

The scariest time of the year is directly around the bend. Halloween is a season of tricks and treats, but have you stopped to think about your roof lately? In the event that your rooftop is pulling pranks on you with missing shingles, or even worse a leak, let a Dallas Roofing Contractor treat you to a solid and tough rooftop!

October is the ideal time to plan a yearly roofing evaluation!

Not only would we be able to guarantee your roof is protected from summer storm and hail damage, but we will also give you the assurance that your house is prepared for the approaching winter months. Need some more persuading? Here are three different motivating factors to request a roof inspection today!

1. Secure Yourself for Possible Insurance Claims

Insurance agencies have become progressively strict about awarding roofing claims. For some mortgage holders, this implies they will not be granted their case except if they have had a yearly evaluation. So as to avoid diving into your very own pocket for roof repair costs, ensure you understand your policy's conditions concerning professional inspections.

2. Detect the Small Problems

Significant roofing damage oftentimes does not occur at one time. These usually originate from constant disregard of little issues that get worse over time. The common homeowner cannot distinguish these little matters of difficulty, but Dallas Roofing Services experts will discover and fix these little issues before they spiral out of control.

3. Ensure Your Roofing Warranty

Many roofing warranties require that yearly inspections are performed to receive coverage in the event of a material or workmanship flaw. On the off chance that you are incapable to demonstrate that you had this yearly examination, you may be liable for the full cost of repair or replacement, whichever is necessary. Make certain to check all the details of your roofing warranty to discover how frequently you need to get your roof assessed.


Most people understand the advantages of preventive maintenance with regard to our health and wellbeing. The objective is to consistently find little, unnoticed issues before they become detrimental. It ought to be the same with respect to your roof. A yearly roofing investigation is the most ideal approach to get these little issues before they become a bigger monetary weight.

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October 1, 2019
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