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Safety Tips With Your Local Roofing Contractor For Outdoor Holiday Lighting

If your holiday decorating plans this year include putting up lights on the exterior of your home, help yourself avoid emergency roof repairs with a local Dallas Roofing pro with these safety tips before you go climbing up any ladders!

1. Test the Lights Before You Ascend

It is pretty frustrating to find out that your lights are not working after you have already hung them.

2. Use a Secure Ladder or Scaffolding

Examine your ladder to ensure that it is safe and able to safely reach the places on your home that you plan to attach your decorations. Dallas roofing companies know how important a secure ladder is as the leading cause of roofing fatalities each year is from falls.

3. Safety First

Do not go up and walk around on a wet roof or a rooftop that has a steep pitch.

4. Secure the Lighting with Hooks

Stay away from putting nails and screws as they can do permanent damage to your roof, fascia boards, siding, and gutters. A better option is to get insulated hooks or staple them directly to the fascia boards below your gutters.

5. Ensure That They Are Mounted Securely in Place

Each strand of lights should be fastened tightly to your home for when the wind starts howling.

6. Avoid Bulbs with High Voltage

Larger lightbulbs are more susceptible to overheat and could possibly cause a fire.

7. Clean Out Your Gutters

If you are going to be hanging lights nearby or directly onto your gutters you will want to make sure that there is no dry debris that could potentially catch on fire from the heat. LED lights that are more commonly used nowadays do not pose as much of a threat. However, keeping your gutters clean is also a great way to avoid an emergency Dallas Roof Repair from clogged gutters during the winter too.

8. Use Outdoor Specific Lights for Safety

Decorative lights that are made for the indoors are not made to endure the weather!

9. Turn the Lights Off During the Day

Use a photo-cell light sensing timer or another type of timer so your lights will turn off automatically during the day or at specific times.

10. Be Safe When Removing the Lights

Do not just yank the lights down by their wire. "To prevent roof and other exterior damage to your home, get back up on the ladder and carefully remove the light strands individually", says a Dallas roofer. This will also help keep the lights from getting damaged upon removal. Just remember, do not climb up onto a wet roof or use an unstable ladder.

11. Double Check!

If you see snow or ice when you are removing the lights that were not previously there during installation, look around for problems with your shingles or gutters and call a Dallas roofing contractor in for professional help if you see something, or just for peace of mind.


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December 9, 2019
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