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At Anderson Restoration, we understand the stress of dealing with storm damage. Whether it’s a hurricane, tornado, winter freeze, or a typical Houston thunderstorm, urgency is the key to preventing further damage. If water damage is involved, swift action is essential to prevent mold growth.

Our team of licensed experts specialize in every type of storm damage your home could experience living in Houston. When disaster strikes, we’re committed to restoring your home to its pre-damage condition with the goal to exceed your expectations. 

Got Weather Damage?

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Our 24/7 Disaster Restoration Services Include:

  • Winter weather like heavy snowfall and the damage from frozen pipes bursting
  • Tropical storms include hurricanes and severe storms in Houston, Texas.
  • Flooding caused by severe rain and hurricanes
  • Damages caused by extreme weather like high-speed wind gusts or heavy downpours
  • Sudden Earthquakes
  • Tornado Damages

Hurricane Damage Restoration

In the Houston area, hurricanes can lead to widespread flooding and significant damage. While the strong winds of hurricanes can harm homes and structures, the primary concern arises from the extensive flooding they bring. Hurricanes unleash heavy rainfall in a short timeframe, resulting in immense flooding across vast areas. This flood water poses substantial risks, damaging properties and posing health hazards due to potential contamination from sewage, harmful toxins, and debris that can cause injuries.

What To Do After A Hurricane?

  1. Ensure Safety: Before anything else, ensure your safety and that of your family. Watch out for hazards like downed power lines, gas leaks, or structural damage.
  2. Call Anderson Restoration: We can work with you through insurance claims, walk you through a step-by-step clean-up process, and help restore property back to how it was.
  3. Document All Damages: Document the extent of the damage thoroughly. Keep records of damaged items, structural issues, and any temporary repairs you make.
  4. Stay Informed: Keep monitoring local news and updates for information on assistance programs, resources, and safety precautions. Stay connected with your community for support and guidance during the recovery process.

Tornado Damage Restoration

Tornados are less frequent in Houston but they can strike at any time, most common in late spring and early summer. These storms unleash powerful winds that can destroy your home, lift vehicles, all while toppling trees and power lines.

After a tornado, debris like glass, building materials, and branches may cover your property which becomes dangerous when it damages your home. When disasters of any kind strike, trust the experts at Anderson Restoration to repair the damage. 

Our Tornado Damage Restoration Services:

Emergency Board-Up: In case your home undergoes severe structural damage, we’ll swiftly board it up to stabilize and avert further harm until repairs are feasible.

Tarping: Roof openings will be covered with tarps to ward off rain and prevent animal intrusion.

Debris Removal: Our crew will thoroughly clear your property of all debris, comprising building materials, shattered glass, tree branches, and other wreckage.

Reconstruction: Our experienced technicians are adept at addressing tornado-induced structural damage and restoring your home or building.

Flood Damage Restoration

Emergencies can strike unexpectedly. We offer rapid response for water and flood damage for residential homes in Houston, TX. 

Few situations can leave a property owner feeling as powerless as the threat of an external flood and its potential damage. If your home is impacted by a flood, taking swift action to minimize damage and restore safety is crucial.

Flood damage poses significant health risks. Floodwater, often categorized as Category 3 or “black water,” can harbor numerous contaminants. Therefore, it’s advisable to entrust cleanup to a professional team at Anderson Restoration. We know that timely repair and restoration are essential to mitigate overall damage caused by the initial flood.

How We Handle Residential Floods:

  1. Pump out the water and assess the damage.
  2. Safely remove and dispose of irreparably damaged furnishings and contents.
  3. Clean and decontaminate the building to eliminate environmental, chemical, and biological contaminants from the floodwater.
  4. Inspect the building for structural damage that may pose hazards.
  5. Ensure thorough drying and dehumidification to prevent mold and further damage from residual water.
  6. Repair and restore damaged properties

Choosing Anderson Restoration

Anderson’s Restoration and Cleaning services are available 24/7, 365 days a year. As a local company in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas, we can respond to emergency disaster calls within a few hours of your initial contact.

We are not only a company that damages your property, we help homeowners through the insurance process. Making sure that they have the money to claim what was lost during a disaster.

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Preparing for a big storm in Houston, Texas, requires planning and readiness. Stay informed about the weather and make sure you have an emergency kit with essentials like water, food, flashlights, first aid supplies, and important documents. Secure your property by bringing in outdoor items, reinforcing doors and windows, and trimming trees.

Check that your sump pump works and clear drainage to prevent flooding. Know your evacuation plan and routes in case you need to leave. These steps will help keep you and your property safe during the storm.

Before clean up and restoration after a storm, you should document property damage with photos or videos for insurance. Safety is key, so turn off electricity and gas if needed, and avoid flooded areas.

If safe, prevent more damage by covering roof leaks and boarding up broken windows. When contacting us, as your storm restoration company, give us more details about the damage. Follow our advice for a safe and effective restoration.

Storms can cause roof damage, water damage, structural damage, flooding, fallen trees and debris, and electrical damage. These can harm homes, buildings, and infrastructure, and pose safety risks. It's essential to prepare for these risks and take precautions by contacting; Anderson Restoration your local storm damage contractors to minimize damage and ensure safety during storms.

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