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Water damage in commercial properties can happen due to various reasons like floods from weather, burst pipes, leaks in the roof, appliance malfunctions, or fires. No matter what causes it, the effects are serious. If your business can’t open or water damage stops it from operating in its full capacity, you can’t help your customers or make money.

Our team at Anderson Restoration has been working for 30 years in Houston and surrounding areas with property managers and businesses in all industries, to mitigate, repair and restore damages done to a property by water damage.

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How Can Water Damage Affect Your Business?

Water damage can have significant repercussions for a business, depending on the severity and extent of the damage. Here are some potential impacts:

Water can damage physical structures, equipment, inventory, and documents. This may require costly repairs or replacements.

Water damage can disrupt operations, leading to downtime and loss of revenue. In severe cases, businesses may need to close temporarily while repairs are underway, resulting in financial losses.

Water damage can destroy valuable assets such as machinery, technology, furniture, and merchandise, leading to financial losses and impacting the business’s ability to operate effectively.

Standing water or moisture can create health hazards such as mold growth, which can pose risks to employees and customers. This can lead to legal liabilities and reputation damage.

If a business is unable to operate due to water damage, it may result in dissatisfied customers, loss of clientele, and damage to the business’s reputation.

Depending on the insurance coverage, water damage may or may not be fully covered. Even with insurance, businesses may still face deductibles and increased premiums in the future.

Businesses may face legal liabilities if the water damage affects neighboring properties or if there are violations of building codes or safety regulations.

Recovering from water damage can be expensive, including the costs of cleanup, restoration, and implementing preventive measures to avoid future incidents.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

  1. Emergency Water Extraction: Count on our 24/7 rapid response team to swiftly and efficiently remove water from your commercial property. Utilizing powerful extraction equipment, we eliminate standing water to prevent further damage.
  2. Structural Drying: Following water extraction, we get our drying team out to thoroughly dry affected areas like walls, floors, and ceilings. Our arsenal of specialized equipment, including high-powered air movers and dehumidifiers, will speed-up the drying process, reducing the risk of secondary damage and mold growth.
  3. Moisture Detection and Monitoring: With detection tools like moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, we accurately assess moisture levels in your property. This enables us to pinpoint hidden pockets of moisture and ensure comprehensive drying, preventing potential structural issues and microbial growth.
  4. Pack-out: When the team arrives, they’ll make an initial inspection to gauge the extent of the damage, pack up all the items that can be saved, and transport them to a different location where they can be sanitized, dried, and restored. In some cases, sanitation, cleaning, and restoration will take place on-site. 
  5. Mitigation: Mitigation refers to a range of steps that your restoration team will take to prevent further damage. This usually involves making an initial inspection, shutting off any water supplies that are still running, extracting standing water, and drying the affected areas.
  6. Rebuilding: Flooding and long exposed water damage can cause structural damage and can make many surfaces unusable. At Anderson Restoration, we can help you rebuild sections of your business that were damaged. We can also remove and replace flooring and walls to restore the look of your home and prevent harmful mold from growing.

What To Do If You’re Experiencing Water Damage:

Step 1: Call Anderson Restoration to get help with insurance claims, assessing damages and for creating a plan for proper mitigation, repairs and restoration.

Step 2: Assess Safety: Ensure the safety of employees and customers by evacuating if necessary and addressing any immediate hazards such as electrical issues or structural damage.

Step 3: Stop the Source: Identify and stop the source of water to prevent further damage. This may involve shutting off main water valves, fixing leaks, or contacting building management for assistance.

Step 4: Protect Assets: Move any valuable or sensitive items away from the water-damaged area to prevent further damage. This could include electronic equipment, important documents, and inventory.

Step 5: Document Damage: Take photos or videos of the damage for insurance purposes. Document any affected inventory, equipment, or property.

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To fix severe water damage, Anderson Restoration first stop the water source. Remove any standing water and dry the area with fans and dehumidifiers to prevent mold.

We then replace damaged materials like drywall and insulation. Clean and disinfect all surfaces. Finally, repair and restore the area. 

If water gets in your walls, it can cause damage like deteriorating drywall and insulation, mold growth, and rotting wood, which weakens the structure. It can also affect electrical wiring, increasing fire risk. Fixing involves stopping the leak, drying and disinfecting the area, and replacing damaged materials.

A water damage claim can be denied if the damage isn't covered by your policy, like flood damage without extra coverage. Claims can also be denied if you delay reporting, don't mitigate the damage, or if the damage is due to neglect. Incomplete documentation can also lead to denial. Understanding your policy and documenting damage properly is important.

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